My Flower Story:

Nothing brings me more joy than working with flowers, and I discovered this quickly in college working at a small, upscale market in Narragansett, RI. A lot has changed since then! I opened a business and started buying wholesale in 2009. Later around 2013, I moved to New York City starting as an unpaid intern at L'Olivier Floral Atelier in Harlem. I was connected with Cal Crary, co-owner of the Flower School New York who hired me to manage his Ariella New York shop. Eventually, I worked even more closely with world-renowned designer Ariella Chezar, as her business partner for Ariella New York. I planned and executed weddings and parties on a massive scale, and catered to high-end clients including Paul McCartney, and the Bloombergs, amongst others.

I've always been fascinated with people, as well, and earned a Master’s Degree in Family Therapy. Because of this training, I feel I am a great communicator, and I do understand the stress and pressure that can surround weddings. Whether you know exactly what you would like to see in your flowers, or need me to take over and fully create your design, I pride myself on being accommodating and excellent to work with. Big or small, I will put time and care into translating your ideas and creating a thoughtful, beautiful vision.

Mission and Process:

Flowers that are in season, and local if possible, are exceedingly beautiful. I have developed relationships with multiple local flower farmers and genuinely love supporting them. I also order from the San Francisco Flower Market, as well as the Dutch Flower Market, or travel to the New York Flower Market on 28th Street. I source flowers from multiple places, which, is part of the fun! I seek out sweet pea from one farmer, dahlias from another. I forage for rosehips or Russian Olive. Whatever the seasons permits--I'll incorporate hostas, muscari, or lily of the valley from my own garden.

Whether you seek garden-style or modern designs, simple or elaborate, I would love to hear about your vision. Please contact me for a free consultation.